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The Remnant House is a Christian-based 501 C-3 nonprofit organization that was created to provide a safe, positive, interactive and encouraging en­vironment for men struggling with addictions. The recovery process is based on Biblical principles that address changes in attitudes and behaviors which aid in the rebuilding and restructuring of lives.

“Our Mission is to restore men to the rightful place in their lives”

This is a 12-month voluntary program that focus­es on re-establishing trust, character, integrity and self-esteem. This is done by establishing a better relationship with God, self and family. The first six weeks of the program the guests are immersed in a Christian Environment. Our Men­tors work with our guests addressing the perils of addiction and how to overcome them.

Our Mission

The Remnant House Outreach Ministry is a Christ-centered ministry which focuses on restoring men to their rightful position in society. We provide a positive Christian enriched atmosphere in a sober living environment. We offer our guests a safe “home base” from which to reintegrate into their community, family, work and life.

Our Vision

Provide housing in which homeless veterans, adult men and women with addictions may receive restoration, hope and a sober lifestyle in a safe environment.

Ways To Get Involved

Become a Program Sponsor

Sponsoring a program with materials and donations helps ensure the men receive the needed items to live at Remnant House and thrive in their new environment. Bibles, personal hygiene items and office supplies are just a few of the items used during their stay. 

Become a Program Partner

Becoming a program partner means coordinating with Remnant House to assist in their work and rehab programs by facilitating career opportunities and assisting in a professional capacity with counseling and rehabilitation.

Volunteer your time

Volunteering your time assisting in clean up and repair work days at Remnant House helps ensure Remnant House is the best it can be for program participants.

Volunteer your resources

work supplies and professional resources are sometimes needed to provide career prep opportunities for program participants.

Join our prayer team

Joining our prayer team shows your commitment to keep our men and workers in your prayers. You will receive emails with prayer requests and blog articles about our latest program news.


Your donations allow our program to run smoothly and ensure program participants have all they need to start their recovery and re-integration programs without lack of necessary materials.

Become a Volunteer Today

With your help, we can change men’s lives, which in turn changes their families and the world. With a mission to return men to their rightful places in their lives, we know we can make a lasting difference, for generations to come.


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Our Testimony

Where We Are Now

If you are not familiar with the parable of the "fig tree" in Luke 13 :6-9, this is a paraphrase, " A man wanted to cut down a fig tree that had not provided fruit in three years. His servant said to the man, allow me one more year to fertilize, and care for the tree. If it does not bear fruit after another year, you may remove it."

Many of those who have the opportunity to enter the Remnant House just need one more chance in the right environment. They need to be fertilized by the Spirit of God so they can produce an abundance of fruit. With your help, we can bring the fruit of God's spirit into a broken vessel. 

Saving Lives & re-building Families Since 2012

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We've Helped over 150 Men Turn Their Lives Around Since 2012

During the 8 years our ministry has been serving the Lowcountry, we have helped men addicted to alcohol and drugs recover their lives and become active members of their families. Our goal is to see men return to the head of their household and become re-integrated into society following their battle with substance abuse. There is hope, and we are blessed to be able to lead men to the true solution, a relationship with Christ.

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