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The Remnant House is a Christian-based 501C-3 nonprofit organization that was created to provide a safe, positive, interactive and encouraging environment for men struggling with addictions. The recovery process is based on Biblical principles that address changes in attitudes and behaviors which aid in the rebuilding and restructuring of lives.

Program Goals & Benefits

Accountability Groups

Spiritual Growth

Marriage Restoration

Addiction Recovery

Rebuilding Families

Providing Shelter

What We Do

The Remnant House Outreach Ministry is a Christ-Centered ministry which focuses on restoring men to their rightful position in society. We provide a positive Christian enriched atmosphere in a sober living environment. We offer our guests a safe “home base” from which to reintegrate into their community, family, work and life. 

Breaking the Bonds of Addiction

Our Story


La Vance Coleman traveled down the road of addiction, battling the clutches of crack cocaine and alcoholism for many years. La Vance has been sober now since June 2004 and has committed himself to help other men who are struggling and are held in bondage by addictions. On January 2, 2012 God enabled La Vance to open the Remnant House. La Vance chose the word Remnant be­cause of the meaning: “a small remaining piece of some­thing”. The story of the fig tree in Luke 13:6-9 talks about giving one more chance and the “remnant” is that small piece of a man’s soul that is still left. La Vance believes that through the power of Christ men can be returned to their rightful positions. He believes God has given him the power to overcome and he wants to provide that same opportunity to other men that are willing to change the outcome and story for their lives. La Vance believes the Remnant house can be the first step in returning to what God has planned for your life.


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Our Testimony

Where We Are Now

If you are not familiar with the parable of the "fig tree" in Luke 13 :6-9, this is a paraphrase, " A man wanted to cut down a fig tree that had not provided fruit in three years. His servant said to the man, allow me one more year to fertilize, and care for the tree. If it does not bear fruit after another year, you may remove it."

Many of those who have the opportunity to enter the Remnant House just need one more chance in the right environment. They need to be fertilized by the Spirit of God so they can produce an abundance of fruit. With your help, we can bring the fruit of God's spirit into a broken vessel. 

How You Can Get Involved

Call (843) 729-8675 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

We have special work days where organizations and individuals can assist us in building projects for our ministry. Additionally, if you have a business that is interested in partnering with our ministry, please consider reaching out to us to see available opportunities.

Sponsor Program

With the generous support of people like you, the Remnant House can change the end of a man’s life story. With your tax-deductible donation, the Remnant House will be able to provide essential needs such as temporary housing, clothing and food for our guests while in the program. 

Charity Fund

Your donation also provides assistance with daily transportation, to and from their jobs, while they are at Remnant House. Donations are also used for renovations on each of the three guest houses where guests reside.

Featured Partners & Sponsors

Helping Men All Over the Country

We have been helping men turn their lives around since 2012. In that time, men from all over the country have come to the Remnant House to restore their spirit, change their lives and return to their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I apply for remnant house?

Check out the rules for our program on the Enroll page, and contact us at enroll@remnanathousesc.org with any questions.

What will i do while at remnant house?

Remnant House is a rigorous recovery program, which requires your full participation in counseling, devotions, checkups, physical labor and other program activities.

What are the rules at remnant house?

You must live on site at Remnant House, participate in each facet of the program and must not be engaged in any illegal activity. Drinking is not allowed. There is a designated area for you to smoke, chew tobacco or use electronic devices on the premises.

what happens once i leave remnant house?

Upon successful completion of our program, our hope is that you will have accumulated more than enough savings to begin to look for an apartment or house, whichever you desire. You should also be able to turn on all utilities and furnish your place without exhausting your bank accounts. This is what we consider a successful graduate.

will i get to see my family while at remnant house?

There will be special visitation periods where family is allowed to come see you at Remnant House.

how much does it cost me to stay at remnant house?

For cost information please contact enroll@remnanthousesc.org

can i have a job while at remnant house?

Yes. You can have a job 30-45 days after entering the program, during what we call a "black out" time to become sober. Once that time frame is complete we encourage you to have a job and start saving with our savings program, in order to provide you with a jumpstart once you graduate from the program.

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